Birra Morena Lucana Bio Vegan Organic Craft Beer

Jan 05, 2023Ashok Chawdhary

Who are we?

Birra Morena is an Italian brewery belonging to the Tarricone family. It is the winning combination of a love history with raw materials and an uncontaminated territory. It is Lucania, a region of southern Italy that is capable of producing high quality beers, internationally awarded. Birra Morena has received over 50 awards in numerous competitions around the world that have rewarded the characteristics of his own beers, so much so that twice the “Celtica Sweet Stout” beer was the world winner in the “Sweet Stout” category at the World Beer Awards in London. The Brewery has a production capacity of around 200,000 hectoliters, producing both low and high fermentation beers. The production process is constantly controlled by highly specialized workers who respect scrupulous operational rules to guarantee their consumers various types of natural, authentic and high quality beers made in Italy. Birra Morena produces Lager, Double Malt, Craft Beer, Organic and Vegan beers. Its aim is to amalgamate the correct combination of beer with food even on bottle labels, sponsoring meetings and seminars. It is also the official exclusive Partner of the Italian National Chefs.

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Birra Morena Classica is a pale lager from the Drive Brewery in Basilicata, southern Italy. Birra Morena was born in 1999 when the Tarricone family took over the Drive Beer Brewery. To this day, it is one of the few independently owned Italian breweries, nestled within the sleepy villages and rugged mountains of southern Italy.  Pouring a clear golden colour, Birra Morena Classica offers up aromas of grainy malt. The flavour is subtly sweet, with a hint of hop on the finish. Smooth, easy to drink ad lightly carbonated, buy Birra Morena Classica for a mild, refreshing Italian lager – perfect enjoyed chilled on a warm summer’s afternoon.

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Being a large beer and beverage company, we are aware of the responsibility towards our customers to promote the right consumption of our products, inviting them to drink responsibly.

For this reason we believe it is important to inform our consumers of all aspects of our production. However, we do not believe that completely limiting consumption is the best way to resolve abuse.

For years we have been involved in actions to promote healthy and safe drinking, involving a vast clientele during shows and events around Italy, making them personally involved in our project.

The great campaign on "Safe Driving" with our DriveBeer brand was very important, where we promoted the importance of responsible drinking thanks also to the participation of the armed forces, pilots and associations.

At the same time, we have introduced low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers and drinks into our production, precisely because we are aware of the importance of the pleasure of drinking but without abusing it and above all without consuming an amount of alcohol that is not suitable for our body.

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