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If you're looking for a whisky with a bit of personality, then Monkey Shoulder is the one for you. This unique blend gets its name from the Scottish slang for a muscular strain suffered by malt men during the days when whisky was still made by hand.

The three main single malt whiskies in Monkey Shoulder are Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie - all from Speyside, the spiritual home of whisky. This gives Monkey Shoulder its distinctive fruity and rich flavor profile.

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Monkey Shoulder is a smooth, creamy, supple and very malty Scotch which works superbly well neat, over ice, or in whisky cocktails (where it really excels).

So if you're after a whisky that's fun, full of flavor, and has a bit of history behind it, then pick up a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. You won't be disappointed.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: An elegant, stylish nose of marmalade, Crema Catalana (apologies, but it really is there), cocoa and malt. Plenty of vanilla and a sprinkling of winter spice (nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon) alongside a mouth-watering hint of aniseed.

Palate: Very malty, creamy delivery with a suggestion of berry fruit. Juicy toasted barley, cloves and butterscotch. Manuka honey, hot-buttered-toast and dried apricot develop.

Finish: Medium length, spicy oak and a hint of peppermint on the tail.

Overall: According to the Monkey Shoulder website: "Some say it tastes just like riding bareback on the wild moors of Scotland with a flame haired maiden on Christmas morning. Others agree it tastes like 007 wearing a tuxedo wetsuit." This is whisky to be enjoyed.

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The Original blend of single malt whiskies, made for mixing

Monkey Shoulder Original was created to make perfect whisky cocktails and has been made for mixing ever since.

It's a blend of malt whiskies from the Speyside (Highland) region of Scotland. The whiskies are selected in small batches then married together to consistently achieve Monkey Shoulder’s signature flavour, in every bottle.

Put your nose in the glass and you’ll smell zesty orange, vanilla, honey and spiced oak. Take a sip and you’ll taste mellow vanilla with spicy hints

That smooth, malty and fruity character is bold enough to stand out in a drink and balanced enough not to overpower it.


The perfect Smokey Scotch whisky, made for mixing

Smokey Monkey was created 5 years ago by Brian Kinsman, our master blender and a team of expert bartenders with the aim of creating the world’s best peated scotch whisky (smoky tasting) for the world's favorite smoky cocktails, for the world’s best bars.

Whether it’s a smoky twist on a classic mix like the Ginger Monkey or a whole new experience with the original peated Scotch cocktail, The Penicillin, we have plenty of ways to tempt your tastebuds with the darker side of Scotch, explore our mixes below.

Smokey Monkey went down so well with bartenders it's now available in over 25 countries, find out where you can get your hands on it for your home bar below!


The old fashioned is the world’s favourite cocktail and Monkey was made for this long-standing classic. But this whisky cocktail need not be hard work, why not join Joe our global brand ambassador for a quick lesson in how to make a batch of our Lazy Old Fashioned which you can store in the fridge for later or to share with your mates.


50ml Monkey Shoulder

10ml Sugar syrup

2 Dashes angostura bitters

Orange zest & twist


Add Monkey Shoulder, sugar syrup and angostura bitters to a mixing glass.

Add cold, dry ice and stir until dilution is reached.

Strain into glass and add a garnish of orange zest and twist


Everyone needs a beach holiday now and again and our whisky is no different. Take Monkey on your next tropical adventure with this twist on a pina colada.Tastes like that tropical holiday you’d rather be on, pass the coconuts.


40ml  Monkey Shoulder

20ml Koko kanu (coconut rum)

60ml Coconut water

10ml Fresh lime juice

Pineapple leaf and chunk

Dash of sugar syrup


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend till smooth.

Add a dash of sugar syrup to taste.

Pour into a tall glass.

Garnish with the pineapple leaf and chunk.

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