Sep 23, 2022Ashok Chawdhary

Absolut Vodka: In its iconic apothecary-inspired bottle stands our signature as the world's second largest premium vodka and eighth largest spirits brand. Our ever expanding range is a staple in bars, restaurants and homes worldwide. Absolut is a vocal and proud cultural partner, always partnering with outstanding innovators and artists to define and redefine the world we live in. As the leader of the cocktail revolution and platform for social advancement, our dynamic bestseller is our proudest creation. And it's made for you.

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That's our philosophy. This means that every drop of Absolut Vodka comes from one source: the Åhus region in southern Sweden. Our wheat is grown exclusively by local farmers, our water comes from a local well in perfectly conditioned soil, and the community is home to our own distillery and bottling plant. This local community has a proud vodka-making heritage as big as ours. Our commitment to “One Source, One Community” means we have 100% full control of the production chain, enabling us to ensure that Absolut Vodka's high standards are consistently met.


We have a brand new visitor center and would like to invite you to visit. In the heart of Åhus, where the magic of Absolut Vodka is made, our restored 1906 estate is a place where you can experience our production processes for yourself. We're proud of what we do and can't wait to share it with you.


Aptly nicknamed the "Spirit of Summer," Malibu is the world's best-selling Caribbean rum and the must-have poolside drink. The world-famous Malibu Original Coconut in its elegant white bottle is sold in over 120 countries. Other summer offers include constantly new fruit flavors, a growing convenience range and beer.


Malibu was born out of instinct. Bartenders wanted a way to make the classic piña colada quick and easy, so it only made sense to give the main ingredients—rum and coconut—some abbreviation. Coconut-flavored rum quickly found a life of its own. Today, Malibu is an integral part of piña coladas... and every bartender's collection.

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Home of the Coconut

We don't compromise, which is why Malibu is distilled in the Caribbean: where coconuts call home. It is mainly thanks to Barbados that our beloved summer liqueur is so fresh, unique and of high quality. Malibu is proudly made for us and for you by the tropical island's West Indies Rum Distillery.

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