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Squealing Pig Rose Gin delightfully refreshing with a dash of rose wine 1000ml

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  • Serve with mates and banter over ice with soda water, a slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of fresh mint; or simply enjoy in the nude neat. Suitable with any mixer. We recommend soda water to allow the botanicals and rosé to party in your mouth shine through..

  • Alcohol percentage 40.00%
    Bottle volume ml 1000ml
    Brand Squealing Pig
    Country of origin New Zealand
  • Color piggy pink pale salmon
    Nose Citrusy aromas of lemon oil, limes and orange blossom dance up your nostrils integrate seamlessly with hints of spice, herbal notes and a whiff of strawberry.
    Palate  Squealing Pig Rosé Gin is a kick-ass gin dry and refreshing with subtle juniper, bright citrus flavors and balanced spices. A dash of Squealing Pig Rosé wine is a stroke of genius adds a hint of lifted strawberries on the finish. This gin is off the charts perfectly balanced and oinkingly delicious.
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