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Jinro Grapefruit Soju 360ml

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  • Soju is originally from Korea, where it was first distilled around the 14th century. Unlike vodka, soju has a natural hint of botanicals that can make for a smoother taste as opposed to vodka, which can sometimes come off as harsh at the end. It is also not only lower in calorie than vodka, but it is also lower in proof.

    This grapefruit flavored soju is very fruity and smooth, making it one of the most popular flavors among flavored sojus. It’s a little sweeter and not as harsh as regular soju, with alcoholic content at 13%. A very enjoyable drink for any occasions

    Soju literally means ‘burned alcoholic drink’, referring to the heat of distillation.

  • Alcohol percentage 13%
    Bottle volume ml 360ml
    Brand Jinro
    Country of origin Korea
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