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Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin 700ml with Free Shaker

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  • Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin is as royal and spectacular in it's lineage as the name suggests. A triple-distilled neutral grain spirit, re-distilled in a traditional copper pot still; the recipe handcrafted in a time-honoured way. A recipe handcrafted in a time-honoured way from the ancient Indian knowledge of herbs.

  • Alcohol percentage 43%
    Bottle volume ml 700ml
    Brand Jaisalmer
    Country of origin India
  • Taste The citrusy notes take point here with pronounced notes of lemon zest/peel, lime juice, candied orange peel and sweet orange juice.
    Nose The aromatics open with that classic gin presence of piney juniper and citrusy coriander.
    Lightly slick on the palate, Jaisalmer hits with a bright flourish and then dries out almost immediately.

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