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Finlandia Vodka

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  • Finlandia, as its name would suggest is made in Finland. Finlandia vodka reflects the purity of its mother country by using natural glacial water which is so pure that it doesn’t need to be filtered or treated. This natural flavour shines through in the vodka. Finlandia is the only vodka to use Finnish Six Row Barley which is of such a high quality that it lessens the grainy taste that some other vodkas flavour.

  • Alcohol percentage 40%
    Bottle volume ml 1000ml
    Brand Finlandia
    Country of origin Finland
  • Nose Finnish Six row barley - high quality grain which lowers the cereal, grainy taste to the vodka.
    Is pleasantly strong, with an unadulterated, pure bouquet, sharp with an almost salty bite.

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