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Amrut Indian Single Malt Whisky 700ml with Free Gift Box

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  • Amrott's Whiskey was born from "Amrut Distilleries" of India's Bangalore, who has grown with Indian independent history. Currently, it is India Wiskey loved in more than 22 countries

  • Alcohol percentage 46%
    Bottle volume ml 700ml
    Brand Amrut
    Country of origin India
  • Taste Outstanding richness and full of barley oak sweetness. Ricolis, molasses, sugar, all sweetness Matching Babon flavor with plenty of Barbon. Oak Valle gives an overdue of dimensions.
    Nose Balance of bittersweetness that is almost perfectly close to Licolis's notes. It flooded with fragrant fragrant with burned caramel and tofy.
    Finish The main oak shows various facial expressions and enjoys a sweet and dry afterglow. Finally ended with smooth cream toffee.
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