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Apr 10, 2023Ashok Chawdhary


When Malayan Breweries, Singapore's first commercial brewery, opened its doors in April 1931, beer was first made available in Singapore in the 1930s. The manufacture of Singapore's well-known and famous Tiger Beer began in October 1932. Tiger Beer, made by Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) since the 1930s, continues to be the primary domestic beer brand in Singapore. Less than 2% of Singapore's beer market is made up of craft beer, and microbreweries are relatively new to the country.Express delivery In Singapore

Here are a few terms used in the article for your reference before we delve further into the world of beer in Singapore.:wholesale beer singapore

Beer bitterness is measured in IBUs (International Bitterness Units). On a scale of 100, a lower IBU rating indicates low bitterness and vice versa. 

ALC/ VOL (Alcohol by volume) means the percentage of alcohol the beer contains. This generally ranges from 3% to not more than 20% (20% is also very rare). 

1. Paulaner Weissbier Munich Wheat Beer BBD

The most popular weissbier in the world and the No. 1 weissbier in Germany. Behind a particularly thick head of foam, the liquid is naturally hazy and silky-gold in color in the glass. This traditional Weissbier has a light banana scent when first tasted. Finer palates pick up on a hint of mango and pineapple as well as the harmony of sweet and bitter. Get this Express delivery In Singapore by tipsy topsy. Beer experts enjoy the delicate yeast note and the gentle but lively blend of aromas. It is a classic beer for a beer garden, and it unites people from all over the world.wholesale beer singapore

2. 330ml Miller Genuine Draft Beer (Brewed in Czech Republic)

MGD will probably always conjure up images of me as an impetuous high school student, on a March Break trip to Montreal with pals to take advantage of Quebec's lower drinking age. Even if they don't feel that way, fading memories of underage overconsumption aren't really helpful for MGD. Get this Express delivery In Singapore by tipsy topsy Thus, putting my adolescent transgressions aside, we explore the legendary brew of my adolescence in this review.

We poured one out into a flute glass instead of giving in to the urge to sip it directly from the bottle (for the sake of tradition, of course). We had never previously drank MGD from a glass, therefore It was surprising by how pale this beer's color is.wholesale beer singapore

It more closely resembles a witbier than a lager; the strong carbonation and almost complete lack of head gave me the idea that it was sparkling wine. It is partially strawberry blonde and partially a fading shade of gold. An unappealing "fresh" aroma is created by combining a hazy hop scent with something that resembles an industrial air freshener.

When we initially tasted it, we were really taken aback by a completely flat, almost syrupy mouthfeel that didn't match the beverage's previously noted high carbon look. Much less exciting is the flavor of the beer itself, in our opinion. There are some faintly noticeable fading malts, but there are hardly any hops; a mild "creamed corn" aftertaste typical of adjunct-infused brews replaces the initial sweetness.Get this Express delivery In Singapore by tipsy topsy. While its complete lack of a flavor profile and watery consistency actually grants MGD a measure of drinkability while cold, it seems to get increasingly sticky and even slightly astringent as it warms up.

3. Birra Mornera IPA Ale 12 hops Luppolature Craft Beer

The manufacturing company is Drive Beer, born from the acquisition of an old Heineken beer factory and transformed into a brewery, that of Birra Morena, which "places itself on the market as a relaunch point between the industrial world of the sector and the breweries of the territory, to create a production that works on concepts of high and low fermentation”. wholesale beer singapore

Both low fermentation beers are therefore produced, with yeasts that work at temperatures between 7 and 9 degrees and require between 5 and 6 weeks of time for complete maturation leaving, at the end of fermentation, the remains of the yeasts deposited on the bottom ( hence low fermentation, typical of "lager" beers), and high fermentation beers, like this one I'm telling you about today. Get this Express delivery In Singapore by tipsy topsy

Top fermented beers are those known as Ale, in the production of which yeasts are used which work at higher temperatures than those of lagers, between 12 and 23 degrees, concluding the maturation process faster, in about two weeks. What remains of the yeast rises to the top of the fermenter floating on the surface. Hence the name high fermentation.

4. Blue moon

A highly well-known beer produced in Canada, Blue Moon is rooted in the long and illustrious history of Belgian Whites. It tastes incredibly light, crisp, and citrusy. While being produced by MillerCoors, it aggressively targets the upscale craft beer market and provides a stronger drinking experience than the company's other flagship beers.Get this Express delivery In Singapore by tipsy topsy.

Canada produces the Belgian White beer known as Blue Moon. It tastes fresh and citrusy with hints of subtle malt and herbs. Overall, it has a fairly drinking mouthfeel. If you're looking for a more tasty and pleasant beer on a hot summer afternoon than your standard mass-produced American beer, Blue Moon Belgian White is a terrific choice.wholesale beer singapore


The flavor of Blue Moon is crisp and delicate upon first taste. Behind the overt malt sweetness, there are a lot of citrus flavors, with orange taking center stage. This makes sense because MillerCoors uses coriander and orange peel in the brewing of Blue Moon. The presence of these fruity components gives Blue Moon its unique flavor character and contributes significantly to the way this beer tastes.

In terms of flavor, it clearly has more punch than, say, the flagship beverages from Miller High Life or Coors Lite. Perhaps MillerCoors is trying to appeal to a market of beer drinkers who want more from their beer than just a refreshing beverage.

Although coriander is an ingredient in Blue Moon, it does not have much by way of grassy herbiness. It has more of the bright citrus flavor of coriander as used in Asian cuisine, a welcome addition to this beer that neatly prevents the malt notes from becoming overpowering. Although this beer can be a touch bready on the palate, its citric sweetness and acidity really help balance that out.

5. Erdinger Dunkel Beer 

What is a Dunkel?

The word “dunkel” is German for “dark,” and this dark beer style offers beer lovers balanced flavors of chocolate, bread crust and caramel. The dunkel is a classic German lager that craft brewers are fond of brewing and countless people across the world are fond of enjoying.wholesale beer singapore

The taste is an interesting one, there’s caramel, banana, malts, bread and a hint of raisins in there. There’s a nice mouthfeel to this which makes it such a pleasant sipper.

The carbonation surprised me a bit at first as it’s a sort of medium carb but as the beer settles, it clears itself up a bit and gets more smooth as you go down the glass.

The brew reminds me of experiencing a language barrier in Berlin and eventually simply asking the barman for the ‘dark one’ as opposed to the ‘light one’ when going up for beers! Buy here : Erdinger dunkel beer

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