Tipsy Topsy Premium Membership

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Here's a glimpse of the benefits you can enjoy with Tipsy Topsy Premium Membership

Membership Benefits

5% Off

By upgrading today, you'll unlock a generous 5% discount on every product and order. It's the perfect blend of luxury and affordability, designed to elevate your enjoyment without compromising on quality.

Complimentary Wine

You're in for a treat for 6 bottles of either Red or White Wine. It's our way of raising a glass to your membership. But here's the twist – it's not an everyday affair; it's an annual affair of sophistication.

Your Opinions Matter!

Members with lifetime purchases over S$1000 can post reviews on our website and receive a bonus S$20.00 for their next purchase in appreciation.

Special Birthday Discounts

Experience unique birthday discounts throughout your birthday month, adding an extra touch of style to your celebration.